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I'm all about whipping up digital experiences that not only look good but also work like a charm. With a solid background in graphic design, I've dabbled in everything from startups to big-league players.


Hi, I'm Michael

A pixel Whisperer



In my design adventures, I've sworn by a user-first mantra, always keeping the folks on the other side of the screen in mind. Web or mobile, I've got 'em both covered, tweaking and tinkering until it's just right. And trust me, it's never a solo gig – collaboration is where the magic happens. I thrive on team brainstorming and getting feedback straight from the real MVPs: the users!

But hey, it's not all about pixels and vectors. I'm all about finding that sweet spot where creativity meets practicality. Because let's face it, a design isn't truly great unless it's making someone's day a little easier or brighter. And inclusivity? That's non-negotiable – every pixel counts, making sure everyone feels right at home in the digital world. So yeah, let's create some digital magic together!


I believe in pushing boundaries, attention to detail, collaboration & communication to strive for precision and perfection.


Integrity &

Beyond just cool designs, I stick to my guns when it comes to integrity and ethics. Being upfront and honest isn't just good for business—it builds solid relationships. I'm all about designs that not only look good but also do good, thinking about our planet and the people on it.



At the heart of my design game plan? Putting users first, every time. I dig deep to understand what folks really want and need. With a little empathy, I whip up designs that don't just work well—they make people's lives better.


Adaptability &

Design's a wild ride, right? I thrive on the twists and turns, seeing every challenge as a chance to step up my game. Whether it's rolling with new tech, shifting gears on a project, or taking in feedback, I'm all about staying nimble and bouncing back stronger.



Learning's my jam, and I'm all about getting better every day. I hunt down chances to level up my skills and soak up new knowledge like a sponge. Give me feedback—I'll turn it into fuel for improvement. With curiosity as my compass and dedication as my guide, I'm on a mission to take my design game to the next level and make some waves while I'm at it.

Have a project in mind? Let's collaborate and bring your ideas to life! 🤗

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